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As a club we are very fortunate to have the local dealer “REGTON” as a club sponsor for this competition. Not only have they provided a wonderful trophy that anyone would be pleased to display on their mantelpiece, but they also provide enough good quality metal detecting prizes for the best 10 scores in this competition.

We have always had trophies for the best coin and artefact found at a club rally, which is voted for at the AGM in March every year. But it was decided that “not just does a one-off good find, make the best detectorist of the whole year”. So we decided on a strategy where each month the best, coins and artefacts scored points decided on by members and guests. These scores were totted up and the very best score would become our “Detectorist of the Year”.

At each club meet, we have a display cabinet of the month’s best finds. Every person at the meet then gets to choice there personal favourites and vote on a slip of paper, first and second in each category of coin and artefact. Each 1st choice gets 2 points and each second choice gets 1 point. These are scored during the meeting and the overall scores get graded with firsts scoring 5 points, second scoring 3 points and third scoring 1 point. This system defeats those that vote for their own finds as best !

In 2005 the top 5 scores were :-

Mark Pugh 50
Don Fowkes 41
Bob Marshall 35
Neil Barlow 32
Brian Melley 13

In 2006 the top 5 scores were :-

Mark Pugh 52
Howard Sterry 41
Ray Homer 32
Tom Askew 23
Enid Homer 20

In 2007 the top scorers were :-

Howard Sterry 31
Russell Peach 21
Mark Pugh 20
Enid Homer 16
Tom Askew 11

… more to follow!

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